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  • Patriot Guard Riders

  • Read Rush'es fantastic description of who really pays taxes.

    The top 1% of wage earners are paying more than 10 times the federal income taxes than the bottom 50%!
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  • Washington Times - Get the DC spin
  • Drudge Report - Get the inside scoop first
  • Rush Limbaugh - Radio politics at its best
  • The Patriot - Radio Program - Listen Online!
  • Yahoo! Politics - No shortage of info here
  • - Vote online on popular topics
  • National Review - too many ads, but good articles
  • Fox News Politics - Best major network news

    Commentary on the Middle East
    George F. Will: A War And Then A Wall (August 17) Mitchell cannot be blamed for failing to reconcile irreconcilables. But blame, and complicity in murder, attaches to all those who willfully refuse to recognize the limits of diplomacy and the duty of active self-defense.

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